Logging in with a European certified login tool (eIDAS)

How can I log in with my European certified login tool?

  1. choose the eIDAS login button;
  2. select your European certified login tool from the list;
  3. follow the login process of the chosen login tool;
  4. you will be forwarded to Mijnpensioenoverzicht.nl.

In order to log in to the Dutch government with a European certified login tool, these organisations often require a Citizen Service Number (BSN) from you. This is your own unique personal number for contact with the Dutch government. If you do not yet have a BSN, but you do have a relationship with the Dutch government (for example as a border worker, foreign student or state pension beneficiary), you can register as a non-resident at one of the RNI counters in the Netherlands. After registration you will receive a BSN. You can then use your accredited European login tool to manage your business online.

Which European login tools can I use now?

Would you like to know which countries already offer a European login tool? Please visit the following website.