Moving to a nursing home. What does that mean for your pension?

From now on there will be information on our website about what the impact may be on your state pension if you or your partner move to a nursing home.* For this, log on to

You don’t always think about it, but changes to your personal or work situation often affect your pension. We list various life events on, and briefly explain what you can do about it and what you have to bear in mind for each of the topics listed.

We will be keeping up to date with information about a range of subjects to do with pensions. New to is information about living in a nursing home and what the implications could be for your pension. We have since added this information to the ‘If my situation changes’ page.

Even though you may be hoping that it won’t be necessary, you or your partner may have to move to a nursing home. This kind of situation may well affect the level of your state pension benefit, depending on your circumstances.

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*Please note: offers personalised content suited to your stage of life. Information concerning moving to a nursing home is available for people aged 60 and above. If you are younger and would like to access this information, then, after you have logged in, paste this link into your browser: