You are missing a pension

Are you missing a pension in your pension overview? Below you can read what the reason could be.

1. You have changed jobs

Are you accruing a pension through your new employer? Sometimes it takes a while before you see this new pension in your pension overview. Pension providers communicate your expected pension to us about four times a year.

2. You do not accrue a pension

You may not accrue a pension. This may be because your employer does not offer a pension scheme. Or because your salary is too low to accrue a pension.

3. You have commuted a pension

If you have commuted a pension in the past, you will no longer see this pension in your pension overview.

4. The name of the pension provider has changed

Maybe the name of the pension provider has changed. And therefore you do not recognise a pension. Please contact our service desk. They can tell you which pension providers have changed names.

5. Your pension has been transferred to another pension provider

Maybe the pension you lack has been transferred to another pension provider. We call this a value transfer. Sometimes this happens automatically. For instance, in the case of a small pension. Or maybe you transferred a pension to another a pension provider in the past yourself and forgot about it?

6. There is a technical problem

Sometimes there is a technical problem. You will then not see all your pensions in your overview. Is there a technical problem? Then you will see a notification. Please try again later.

7. You are looking for a forgotten pension

Did you accrue a pension a long time ago? But do not remember with which pension provider? Then first find out a few things yourself.