Forgotten pension

Did you accrue a pension a long time ago? But don't remember where? Sometimes we can help you, if you first find out a few things yourself. Below you can read about what you can do.

1. Did you commute your pension?

Find out whether you have commuted a pension in the past. Was this the case? Then you received money at that time. You will not receive a pension now.

2. Make a list of all your employers met je werkgevers

Make a list of all your employers and the period you worked there. Also see if you have any old pay slips, bank statements or annual statements showing your salary.

3. Contact your employers

You may have worked for an employer in the past where you did not accrue a pension. Contact your old employers. Ask whether you accrued a pension. And with which pension provider you accrued pension.

Tip: Does your employer no longer exist? Get in touch with your colleagues from back then. They may be able to help you.

4. Ask your pension providers

Contact the pension providers where you have pensions. Perhaps the pension you are looking for is with one of those pension providers. For example, through value transfer. Sometimes this happens automatically. Or maybe you chose it yourself and forgot about it?

5. Do you still have questions?

Then contact our service desk. Make sure you have a list of all your employers and the period you worked there. Then we can help you think about which pension provider you might still have a pension with. Sometimes this will help you further.